psychotic artwork by boss 667psychotic artwork by boss 667
diary,  drama,  Notes and letters


You are  sinking, loosing yourself in chaos, thinking. You are thirsting and everything vice-versa in a row. Interminable situations about events that are ideal between them. How many people  didn’t   walk in the thin line which separates grief and joy- right and wrong.

While you are hearing the lyrics of Despite Everything’s song “Can’t distinguish the line, in what is right or wrong, I have tied myself to my own chain and ball”, you start to coincide and it becomes  more and more complicated, as we know that we are the only ones to harm ourselves. We match the first symptom of our tetchy psychology with every thought we have on our hand and we dive bungle in our “clean pieces” of ourselves.

You are sinking to the lowest level of the earth. You know exactly which the problem is  and that wakes you. It discomfits you. The world is disturbing. You start to feel sick even in the thought you just  did and you are scrolling full of regrets in the mire  of your decisions.

The door opened.

The windows closed

“You can come in”

“What is here?”

“Your world” answered.

Music and world seemed from away. It was the first time he could see so clearly….How would your world seem?

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