Go to bed-alone.

Wake up-alone.

Double bed-alone.

Single bed-alone

Sometimes when the person you want to wake up with is cant be in your bed, a common story, where your pillow receives all your hugs, it isn’t a long shot and the reasons are too many. That’s the way the fairytales might have been created. Spending endless hours of loneliness- wishing for something adventurous and unique. Wishing for a real love or for one more story.

One day in the library, I heard a lady whispering: “You must have love and passion”.
The matter is who has the love and who has the passion. You are itching to identify if the description equated with the picture in your mind, but the most of the times your desire was ruined. Sometimes, the person you think doesn’t have the love neither the passion.

When your voice is the one that he would love to hear before he will felt asleep, then he has the Love. When, he finds the simplest way to achieve that, then he has the passion.
Have you ever tried to find out who has both of these to start the fairytale?

If you think that I was a little abrupt, then you are deceived!

Love is precipitous!

Passion is precipitous!

They never ask which will torture first …

Head or Heart?

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