Athens Comic Library, το μέρος που γίνεσαι super ήρωας

Athens Comics Library: the place where  you become a superhero

We walked till Karaiskaki Street, where in number 28 we met Lida Tsene, who talked to us about the lending comic library which for a year now is located at the neoclassical building of Impact Hub Athens, in a small stoned cellar.

athens comic

The Athens Comic Library, is going ahead full sail to stand in the spot line with 2.500 titles of comics redefining the role of  a thematic library as Lida Tsene told us, showing us that libraries are places that you can spent hours of discovering and relaxing.

In the library, you can read a variety of greek comics, American graphic novels, European BD and manga also, which they are collected nearly from around the world and they give you the opportunity to borrow books every two weeks.



Also speeches take place, exhibitions, presentations and seminars play their part too. Every day organized educational programs and workshops for school visits take place. Almost every weekend also workshops for little kids are taking place.




If you want to have a better look at the Athens Comic Library and read as many comics as you prefer, a day pass of 2 Euros is enough.  If you want to borrow and continue this magic at home then you can be a subscriber for 6 months with 50 Euros or a whole year with 80 Euros. For disabled people, unemployed and elderly over 65 there is a discount of 15%.






The library is open every Tuesday till Friday: 16:00-20:00 and Saturday 11:00-1600. If you want to be prepared, you can find out all the comics from the online catalog:


Photographs: Klavdios Tselos


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