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    Her Athens

    Of course! It depends on the weather and the phase we pass. Each of us, has his own unique way to deal with his problems. I tried many ways but none of them hasn’t suited me. Like this, tired of my feelings I thought to stop worrying and trying  to dissociate myself from the worries. In my world, I love to stay alone every so often.

  • psychotic artwork by boss 667psychotic artwork by boss 667
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    You are  sinking, loosing yourself in chaos, thinking. You are thirsting and everything vice-versa in a row. Interminable situations about events that are ideal between them. How many people  didn’t   walk in the thin line which separates grief and joy- right and wrong.

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    Hold Together

    Thoughts without response. Never ending feelings and words. Simple-complicated relationships which don’t make any sense. Turbulent relationships and passionated. Relationships like a fairytale and too difficult to believe them. All of them need something and you need them all. Painting dots are waiting for straight lines to join together in order not to move in parallel.  And you are wishing and hoping, but… There are no more miracles and magical spells-they have been lost in the time passage when you were waiting full of hope. There are no more good fairies with small magic wands-they have been hiding by fear must in case you don’t believe them, neither good elves…

  • Budapest Vity

    7 reasons that you fall in love with Budapest

    Everyone talks about “Istros of ancients”, Duna, Danubius of Byzantine or the most common name the Danube. The second longest river is passing through the beautiful capital of Hungary.  It divides Budapest into two- Buda and Pest.  Is certainly one of the most romantic destinations! How do you reach in Budapest?

  • Captive
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    The song may say “How sorry I am for the years that were spent before I meet you-that I longed for so long.” And it may all the other lyrics speak through you, but why you feel sorry for the past years? These years made you, supported you, destroyed you and thanks to them you stood up. It is a small life that gives you the Now. It is an unscrupulous circle. If there isn’t the past, don’t be hopeful for the future. When you destroy the Head vs Heart, you stop waffling back and front among your decisions. You have a gun in your hands that instead of destroying…

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    Filled in ouzo, empty his soul

    Stop! he screamed, grabbed the glass and threw it away with his right hand so he poured the remained ouzo. Inside he was burning and was feeling ashamed. “Coward, unmanly, wimp” there were some of the words that someone told him and in a meaning, there were all wrong but at the same time, they fitted to him.  A storm was harvesting his stomach. It made him sickened every sip that he drank. The time limits were tightening, his choices were depleting in every clock’s pointer beat. Νo other choices! He leaned his head slowly in the wooden table so he could mix his tears with the split alcohol- so he would never admit anything- to stop feeling anything.

  • tattoo artist boss

    The art through Boss667

    In the world of conteporary art since 2017 is included the marvelous work of blackworking and dotism technique of the artist Boss667. Boss is known for his burning cities and unique prespective above his works.He answered 7 questions to let us know him better.

  • aewnian door
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    Why you scowl?

    “I’m very tired. I want to rest a little bit,” he said. He sat in the wooden chair with the wicker seat and closed his eyes. He hasn’t the time to take off his coat, neither to quench his thirst, but calmer he felt from the moment that he took his first breath. “Here you are!” they shouted and ran with open arms-arms capable of giving real hugs. When you lose the ground under your feet and you listen to sad melodies inside your head, don’t worry! Someone will be there in front of you to lend a hand and show you a warm smile. When you can’t see anything,…