7 reasons that you fall in love with Budapest

Everyone talks about “Istros of ancients”, Duna, Danubius of Byzantine or the most common name the Danube. The second longest river is passing through the beautiful capital of Hungary.  It divides Budapest into two- Buda and Pest.  Is certainly one of the most romantic destinations!

How do you reach in Budapest?

Although Budapest is in E.E, she has her own currency, the forint. When you will arrive at the airport, look after to change only some money for your first cost, due to the high commission. From the airport, you can take the 100E bus. The bus ticket is around 2.90 euros  (900 HUF). It’s 20 minutes’ drive journey to the center.

Budapest is accessible with metro, bus, tram but I suggest you, a pair of sneakers and start walking! In every alley, there is something that will impress you!


The best choice is to live somewhere near the center. I was staying at Pest side which is the cosmopolitan place, at Rakoczi ut. There are many bus stations near and money exchangers with the lowest commission to change your money into the local currency. [See all the apartments here!]

Chain Bridge

7 reasons that you will fall in love with Budapest                  

  1. The Hungarian National Museum and the Central Library of The Metropolitan Ervin SzaboIf you are an art lover then the Hungarian National Museum and the Central Library of The Metropolitan Ervin Szabo, will leave you in awe.Metropolital Ervin Szabo
  2. The Stephen’s   Basilica
    It is a Roman Catholic Basilica and it is named of Stephen the first king of Hungary. She has 6 bells and each one of them has a name ( Stephan, Virgin mary, HenryII Gizella, Emeric,  Ekizabeth).Budapest Church
  3. Go to the Buda Castle and the Fishermen’s Bastion in the hill district.You can go from Pest to Buda with the tram or you can walk. The walking is too long, I don’t gonna lie but I will show you what I met on my way to the castle. But, you can use the Funicular to go up and down the castle hill. The ticket is around the 6 Euros (1,800 Huf). The Castle has no entrance fee so you can tour around and gape the unique view. If you are a fan of paintings then you should visit the National Gallery. The castle alleys lead you to Matthias Church and the Fishermen’s Bastion.View Budapest
    Buda castle Gallery
    Buda Castle
  4.  Hero’s SquareIt is one of the major squares in Budapest. In the middle of the square, there is a column around 36 meters tall with the statue of Archangel Gabriel on top, who holds the Holy Hungarian Crowd and the apostolic double Cross.
    Hosok Budapest
  5.  The City park and Najdahunyad Castle

    Ιce skating, lakes, cafe, alleys and more alleys, castles, towers, museums and statues. My natural environment!  All these are within 40 minutes walking from the Rakoczi Street.  You have also the choice using the yellow line (M1) of the metro. The ticket costs around 1.30 euros and the metro stations it is super close.Tower view
    Lake citypark


    Pay 1 euro for the tower entrance! The view is amazing and it looks like that you live in a different era.

  6.  Don’t forget to eat a Chimney Cake (Kurtoskalacs)
    They are selling it everywhere! In the streets, in the shops and I absolutely understand it, because it is so delicious!Chimney cake
    Regarding the food in Budapest, you can find anything like guro, burger, pizza. Ι ate pasta in Bajcsy-Zsiliaszky ut 9,  street and I tasted the amazing local cuisine at Vakvarju Etterem restaurant.
  7. The Great Market HallThe great market hall is ideal for your last day in the city. The first floor is full of meat, salamis, vegetables and every food you can imagine.  At the second floor, you can buy souvenirs. Have a look at the bookstalls and you can spot the price range immediately.Market hall budapest

    Don’t forget to buy local paprika!

    Those are my impressions of the beautiful town of Hungary.

    Extra Tip!

    A cheap town, low fees in metro, sightseeing’s, buses. Ideal for walking! it is a must destination!

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