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How sorry I am for the years that were spent before I meet you-that I longed for so long” are just some lyrics from a song. May all the other lyrics speak through you. But why do you feel sorry for the past years? These years made you, supported you, destroyed you and thanks to them you stood up.

It is a small life that gives you the Now. It is an unscrupulous circle. If there isn’t the past, don’t be hopeful for the future.

When you destroy the “Head vs Heart” situation,  you stop waffling back and front, among your decisions. The gun is in your hands and instead of destroying you, it refills the pallet of your colours. Stop throwing up memories and wrong choices, because if you just woo your luck, you will obtain your wants.

When your mind runs faster than your feet, try to reach it. That’s the ony way to start building your world. One girl someday told me: “Imagine living in a scenery with castles, forests, elusive aery beings. What soundtrack it will has?”. And I knew exactly. I am hearing it right now. May, she heard it too, or she just wanted to know how it looks like.

Maybe it was a dream
maybe not
Maybe are air talks or unfulfilled wishes
maybe not

Maybe I asked for love
may I am just  lucky

Did it remind you anything?

Abstract of a letter that was written someday, somewhere by someone.”
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