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    Travelling with IBS

    Travelling is one of the most favorite people’s habits. Exploring new places, sharing new experiences, gives you a unique feeling of freedom away from the everyday stress and routine. “In America 25 -45 million, people suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrom (IBS)”. IBS is…

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    “How sorry I am for the years that were spent before I meet you-that I longed for so long” are just some lyrics from a song. May all the other lyrics speak through you. But why do you feel sorry for…

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    Are you listening my love?

    I was thinking about you and I wanted to write you a letter. Νot to come back to me, I would never force you. Anyway, it is nice sometimes to write down our feelings in a paper so we could…

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    It’s all a fraud

    When you spread your hand and no one is there to hang it, you get disapointed When you hear tales and the dragon is missing, it’s all a fraud When you move my string, the ultimate inertia. No resistance ~Like…