Prague’s 7 must visit attractions

In the area of Bohemia, Elva’s navigable tributary, Moldava (Vltava) which even the great composer Smetana, immortalized it in his symphonic poem, crosses the beautiful city of Prague. The capital of the Czech Republic, divided in two parts, the Old city and the New city (containing a small part of the Old).

View from Astronomical Clock

I stayed in the New City which is the commercial part with hotels, restaurants, bars and clubs. [See all the apartments here]

How do you reach in Prague?

Although, Prague is in E.E since 2004, she has her own currency, the Czech crown. When you will arrive at the airport, look after to change some money for your first costs, due to the high commission. You can take the 119 bus where ends in the metro line A in 15 minutes or the 100 bus where ends in metro line B. The bus ticket is 24 czk ( around 1 euro) for a half an hour.

Prague is full of museums, monuments and attractions. There are towers with the greatest view that will impress you. Don’t skip a visit! New town

1) Old Town Hall and the Astronomical clock (Staroměstská radnice s orlojem)

The town hall comprises a gothic tower with the astronomical clock (Orloj). Every one hour from 9  to 11 the 12th Apostoles appear through the windows.Basic ticket cost 250 czk (around 10 euros).

Astronomical Clock Prague
Church of Our Lady before Týn

Staroměstské náměstí 1/3, 110 00 Praha 1- Staré Město

2) Baroque Library in Klementinum and the Astronomical tower
 ( Astronomická vež Klementina)

Baroque Library is one of the oldest libraries since 1722, based in Klementinum and contains more than 20.000 books. Part of the Klementinum is the 68 meter astronomical tower which is linked with the astronomical measurements of the country. The visits are allowed only with guided tours. Also, no photographs allowed in the library section. Basic cost at 300 czk (around 12 euro).

Clementinum (Klementinum) Mariánské náměstí 5, 110 00 Praha 1- Staré Město

Book early a ticket in the group tours! Also, for the astronomical tower there are many stairs to climb but the view at night is amazing.

View from Klementinum Tower
View from Astronomical Clock

3) National Museum (Národní muzeum)

In the center of Wenceslas square is located the national historic museum since 1962. Parallely, next to the museum is the brand new building where you can visit both of them with a 350 czk ticket ( around 14 euro).

Václavské nám. 68, 110 00 Nové Město, Praha 1

4) National gallery ( Národní Galerie Praha)

In Staromestske square is located a part of the National Gallery in a 12th  century building. Basic ticket 200czk (around 8 euro).

I recommend you to visit only the 2nd part of the National Gallery
Národní galerie Praha – Veletržní palác which is located in Praha 7, in the old city part.  In its collection contains paintings of Monet,  Picasso, Van Gogh.

National Gallery of Prague

Dukelských Hrdinů 47, 17000 Praha 7

5) Havlicek gardens (Havličkovy Sady)

You can take the tram from the city center and 4 stops away, is Praha 2. there is a big beautiful park influenced by the Italic Renaissance. There is a lake, a kiosk, a café  where you can enjoy the view from the 14th century vineyards. If you follow the small alleys you will reach in the fountain in front of an artificial cave, galled grotto in italics. Before the destroyments of the  2nd world war there was a restaurant inside the cave.

Havlickek gardens
View from Havlcek gardens
Praha2 gardens
Havlick garderns Praha 2

Havlíček Gardens (Grébovka – Havlíčkovy sady), Praha 2- Vinohrady

Old city

If you visit Prague in 1-24th of December, you will have the chance around 4 o clock to see the lamplighter. He lights the gas lights in Charles Bridge. This bridge stood there since 1402 and connect the old with the new city above Vlata river. Along the side of the bridge there are 30 statues. When you cross the bridge take a look at Prague’s Little Venice spot at your right.

Karluv most
Pragues little venice

6) Prague castle  (Pražský hrad)

The castle of the city from 880, travels you in a different era. In the castle district belongs many buildings. I bought the ticket: Prague Caste Circuit B with the 250 czk ticket cost. This ticket allows you the entrance at the Cathedral St. Vitus, the Old Royal Palace, the St George’s Basilica, the Golden Laneand the Daliborka Tower.

Prague Castle
Cathedral vitus
golden lane prague
View from Prague Castle

Prague Castle ( Pražský hrad), 119 08 Praha 1- Hradčany

Don’t forget to visit inside the small houses in the Golden lane. In the house with the number 22, Franz Kafka lived there in 1916, while in the 14th house the fourtuneteller Madame de Thèbes lived befored the 2nd world war. In the end of the lane there is Daliborka tower and the medieval prisons with the torture dangeons.

7) Stratov Monastery Library (Strahovská knihovna)

Near the castle in 15 minutes distance by foot, there is one of the oldest monasteries since 1140, the Strahov monastery. I visited the Monastery’s library which has two halls, the theological and the philosophical with 20.000 books. The first and the limited editions were keept in a special room. Basic ticket cost 120czk (around 5 euro) and the photographic permission 50czk (around 2 euro).

Theological Hall monastery
Stratov Monastery Librry

Strahov Library – Theological Hall, Philosophical Hall (Strahovská knihovna), Strahovské nádvoří 1/132, 118 00 Praha 6- Hradčany

After your tour, I recommend you to walk around and end up at Medieval tavern to eat in Thunovská 184/20 street at Mala Strana.

Mala strana stairs
Prague Mala Strana street
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