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In the world of conteporary art since 2017 is included the marvelous work of blackworking and dotism technique of the artist Boss667. Boss is known for his burning cities and unique prespective above his works.He answered 7 questions to let us know him better.

You are a graphic designer but the last few years you find yourself involved into the world of tattooing.

When I graduated from college I worked as a graphic designer for some years but the difficulties in finding a job like the majority of the carrers were a lot. Luckily to me my friends were working in a tattoo studio and they were encouraginng me to intergrate in their team. After a lot of thought i was convist and here I am! I really respect them for teaching and believing in me. I owe them a big favor! Since then i am dedicated into this and i really love and always trying to evolve it.

What do the burning cities represent?

The burning cities represent the love I have for my city and has obviously a greek identity which I admire in my works. I try to combine the view and architecture with its history on my designs. I like to mix it with the art of tattoing and transmite it into my style. Usually I like the result. Through these cities you can see the history, the athenian architecture, the mythology and ancient symbols that give you a contrast of “good and bad” Athens. Either is burning or non, Athens can’t lose her beauty.

From what you got inspired?

Like I told you, my biggest inspiration is Athens and her particularity. Of course I don’t always make them burning. Later I liked the result and I started burning them, broke them and I really don’t know how far it can go. Maybe in the end there will be no city at all, just a sun and a moon. And some clouds maybe..

In most of your paintings there is Burning Athens. There will be more cities?

I don’t know if there will be more cities but surely I’m thinking about it. I have some  foreign capitals done but at the moment my basic choice is Athens. There is still a lot of Athens to draw.

We learnt that the burning cities aren’t only in paintings but in tattoos too.

Most of the people ask me to tattoo them my cities and they support my dedication on it and love for my designs. That’s how it started to become a little bit popular. I drew a design for a guy from abroad and after that I really like the result and I started focusing more in that style.

Future plans?

My plan is my evolution of tattooing on my designs and Some exchibitions of my paintings. I want more and more people to feel the city as i see it. Recently, there are some tshirt available of the cities and there will be more soon..

Were we can find you?

At the Athens Tattoo Studio, Ermou st. 6 in the center of Athens where I work and of course in my social media.

Instagram: boss_667ttt

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