aewnian door
Χωρίς κατηγορία

Why you scowl?

“I’m very tired. I want to rest a little bit,” he said.

He sat in the wooden chair with the wicker seat and closed his eyes. He hasn’t the time to take off his coat, neither to quench his thirst, but calmer he felt from the moment that he took his first breath.

“Here you are!” they shouted and ran with open arms-arms capable of giving real hugs. When you lose the ground under your feet and you listen to sad melodies inside your head, don’t worry! Someone will be there in front of you to lend a hand and show you a warm smile.

When you can’t see anything, sink deep into your thoughts and see everything around you with the bright colours that only dreams could have.

Like Émile Chartier said: “Pessimism comes from the temperament, optimism from the will”.
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