Work With Me

Aewnian is a creation started in 2016, by me, Giwta Markou, with the purpose to be a plave where I can share my literacy stories, my cultural travel articles and interviews.

Aewnian’s audience are from Greece, United Stated of America, China and from europian countries like , Germany, France and Spain and United kingdom too.

If you interested in aewnian’s approach, you can work with me at the following choices:
Banners advertising: I can displave your brand to my home page sidebar with one of the most famous form of advertisments.

Travel articles: As I already detailed in my about section on my page, I love travels and discoveries Irregardless the distance. My travels focus on the culture side of a place (museums, galleries, libraries, monuments) which I can point out throughout my blog articles and my blog’s social media platforms.

Features: In this favorite category I try everyone to be heard either they have bussiness or not and who try to leave their imprint on our era. I undertake the written content and the digital storytelling  in order to highlight your brand to the audience.

press kit and costs available upon request

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