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Μαζί / Hold Together

Thoughts without response.

Never ending feelings and words.

Simple-complicated relationships which don’t make any sense.

Turbulent relationships and passionated.

Relationships like a fairytale and too difficult to believe them.

All of them need something and you need them all.

Painting dots are waiting for straight lines to join together in order not to move in parallel.  And you are wishing and hoping, but…

There are no more miracles and magical spells-they have been lost in the time passage when you were waiting full of hope. There are no more good fairies with small magic wands-they have been hiding by fear must in case you don’t believe them, neither good elves can help you-they have been lost in the ether lest you will tromp them.
So you chose to be alone. And before you preempt to delete everything that has been still in remain, believe that something good is going to happen. Believe in the star which is shining so bright in all the dark corners. Dark thoughts and mixed up feelings.

Open your heart and allow the light to penetrate her. So it could not find her other half but the blood that keeps her strong and positive.

And then you can sing softly the lyrics that Lucia sings:

   «I realise I’m you
                You realise you’re me
                          I think we need each other».


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